Although all of hip hop culture is art, in this section we focus on various parts of hip hop culture in Canada, including; street magazine, graph art, literature, poetry, photography and art exhibitions. Because hip hop culture is so infectious and beautifully contagious that one can find its influence through various facets of our society. Much of the information found in this section.

Basement Flavor Tour, Montreal 1989

basement flavour tour flyer 1989


Basement Flavor Tour / in Montreal:

“First Priority invades Canada and we rolled as a team of talent 2 deadly Women on the mic and it was on new music from everyone promoted as the same time Canada knew who we all were so it was cool to see a neutral response full of love for ALL crews. They wasn’t a sense of they were from the USA and we were from Canada so we’re opening up… it was like who wants to sound check 1st or go eat/ go to the mall, and we ALL eat the mic @ night!!! fear none collect fans  & let’s keep it moving a true Family tour!!!”


Michie Mee