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Although all of hip hop culture is art, in this section we focus on various parts of hip hop culture in Canada, including; street magazine, graph art, literature, poetry, photography and art exhibitions. Because hip hop culture is so infectious and beautifully contagious that one can find its influence through various facets of our society. Much of the information found in this section.

Hip Hop Homage, the Art of Eklipz

This exhibition is a showcase of 50 paintings of some of Hip Hop’s Icons and has been a 2 year undertaking. The finished paintings were then scanned and laid out in book form with a first run of a 1000 copies. This 9″ X 12″ art book is a self published piece of history that will be sure to impress all hip
…hop enthusiasts. The sound scape for the reception will be provided by D.J Realistic a Steel City Hip Hop ambassador for years, and D.T.S. of the C.I.U.T Masterplan show Canada’s longest running Hip Hop radio show.

If you’ve seen Eklipz’ work in the past, or have never witnessed any of his visual arts, this was a must see exhibition combining his Love for Hip Hop and his Love for Painting.