Northside Hip Hop Archive is a digital collection of Canadian hip hop history and culture. This site is home to a collection of artifacts and multimedia memorabilia that has yet to be digitized and/or catalogued. Northside hip hop showcases a diversity of items from Canadian hip hop history, such as the first vinyl recordings, art, performances and literature from across the country. We are a ‘living archive’, capturing and documenting Canadian hip hop culture, past and present. Northsidehiphop.ca does not and cannot capture everything, rather what we try to do is to begin the process of documenting our histories. We need your help, so dig through your basement and help make this thing happen!

Thank you to the many who have already donated items to the archive (in no particular order):

DJ DTS | Rumble | Johnbronski | Ebonnie Rowe | Motion | Frank Boulevard | DJ Scott C | Carlito | Ivan Barry | Dalton Higgins | Joel Goldberg | DEA | Citizen Kane | Blacklist Music | DJ Grumps | D.O.| Turnstylez Crew | DJ Dopey| Che Kothari | Lady P | Lil’ Jaz | The Stylus DJ Awards |Politic Live | Odario Williams | Addi Mindbender | Nilla | House of PainT | Moka Only | Jeff Spec | Daneo | The IMP Labs | InfoRed |


Northside Hip Hop gratefully acknowledge the support of Canadian Heritage’s Gateway Fund.